Recipe Inspiration: Porcini Risotto (I Miss Italy!)

When I went to Italy for my honeymoon this past September, I was obsessed with the food markets in Rome & Venice. They were beautiful & if I could have brought back fresh zucchinni flowers in my suitcase, I would have!
But instead I brought back dried porcini mushrooms, which were in season while we were there. I also brought back sundried tomatoes & vacuum packed Parmigiano Reggiano (the second love of my life next to my husband of course!) but please don’t tell 😉 Since being back from our trip, I’ve made porcini risotto 3 times already! (A little obsessed, I know)
Thanks to the beautiful culinary skills of Ms. Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa) I was inspired by her recipe for Wild Mushroom Risotto ( and as a result here’s how amazing it turned out. This is now a staple meal in my recipe box (until the porcini mushrooms run out & then I’ll have to settle for ones from the supermarket 😦 )
Ingredients: Butter, Onion, Garlic, White Wine, Arborio Rice, Chicken Stock (not pictured), Parsley, EVOO, S&P, Parmigiano Reggiano (Pictured Below), Dried Porcini Mushrooms with Reserved Porcini Liquid (Pièce de résistance)

One of my Favorite Kitchen Staples: Le Creuset French Oven

Without Parmigiano 😦 (It was still so creamy!)

With Parmigiano!! Divine…

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