Great Hostess Gifts

During the holidays it’s usually a given that you’ll need to buy or you’ll be receiving a host/hostess gift. Today I entertained (thankfully, the holiday wrap up is definitely nearing the end!) & it was the inspiration to today’s post because I received, in my opinion, the best types of hostess gifts & I wanted to share. My fabulous guests brought me homemade apple cake (so delicious!), a great bottle of wine, and a Williams-Sonoma Pink Grapefruit Kitchen Soap, Lotion & Candle Set (my best friend obviously knows me very well!)
Here are my TIPS for a great host/hostess gift any time of the year:
1. If you really know what the person loves (i.e. a great bottle of Cabernet or Peonies ;)) then you can’t go wrong with getting them exactly what they want. Buying someone what they love shows that you care enough to buy what you know they adore! It’s definitely a win-win situation 🙂

2. Home baked goods always make me smile & it shows you went out of your way to make something special (I usually make a cherry cheesecake or a batch of cookies). Bringing a store bought dessert is a great idea as well but make sure it’s fresh and presentable (i.e. a great chocolate layered cake, red velvet cupcakes or French macarons would be my pick!)

3. Choose your gift based off of a theme that best suits your host/hostess. For instance, my best friend knows I love wine so a great bottle of wine was ideal and she also knows that I love being in the kitchen surrounded by beautiful things so the Grapefruit kitchen set was perfect! Someone who loves pasta would appreciate a great pasta inspired gift basket (actually I would love that too!)

4. I am a big fan of sending a thank you card after my host/hostess has really gone over & above for me and the recipient of a thank you card always feels so appreciated! It’s really a classy touch! (My favorite cards to send/receive are definitely from Papyrus!)

QUICK TIP: For more great ideas you must check out Martha Stewart’s List of Hostess Gift Ideas (you know you can’t get it wrong when you go with one of her ideas!)
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