Happy New Year!

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” – Oprah Winfrey
I like setting mini goals (on a monthly basis) for myself rather than a long list of resolutions that need to be met by the end of the year. I would like to think & believe that I am always trying to do my best and live life to the fullest but setting goals definitely ensures that you are continuously trying to make YOU that much better!
I can’t say it enough times: 2010 was an AMAZING year for me & I can only hope that somehow 2011 can come at least close to being just as great! My husband & I have exciting plans for the New Year (planning a few trips, moving into a new place & my husband will be finishing his MBA) but I have to say that leaving 2010 & all the amazing memories behind is a little bittersweet.
To start things off here’s my list of GOALS for January 2011 (I hope to keep this up by documenting my goals on a month to month basis..I guess this would be the benefit of having my own blog. Right?).
♥ Workout 4-5 x/week & Be Consistent (My plan: 3 days gym & 2 days videos at home)
♥ Eat More Greens (My Plan: Eat salad 3-4 nights a week with dinner & include greens such as rapini & broccoli on other nights)
♥ Go For a Massage
♥ Try Out 5 New Recipes (My Plan: Pull out my beautiful cookbooks & decide on 5 different dishes to try out..my husband will be happy about this! I’ll create another post soon with more details.)
♥ Make Something with Phyllo (My Plan: I am obsessed with French pastries & flaky crusts & decadent phyllo based desserts like a sinfully amazing Apple Galette or Strudel. Paris has my heart & I MUST try to recreate what I indulged in when I was there in September. I already have the Phyllo in my freezer & ready to go!)
♥ Start Planning Our 2011 Trips (My Plan: Finalize location & create timelines)

QUICK TIP: Check out Colin Cowie’s Perfect Late-Night Party Menu (as seen on Oprah.com) in case you need some inspiration for tonight’s festivities!
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