‘Mind and Body Personal Training’ Tips

In an effort to get back into a consistent workout routine after all the craziness that ensued prior to my wedding and then of course the 2 week honeymoon hiatus (where my diet consisted of nothing other than copious amounts of carbs & wine! It was so worth it ;)), I decided to hire a personal trainer who comes to my condo gym to work out with me 2 times a week.
Initially, I wanted to just get back into doing weights and have a program developed that I could follow on my own but the trainer I hired has been so great & is always changing things up for me that it’s become enjoyable (thanks Victor!).
It’s been almost 2 months and it feels great to be back on a fitness routine. As a birthday gift to my husband in November, I got him a few sessions with Victor as well & he has stuck with it too. I have to say for me that the intent of working out is definitely not to be skinny but to be healthy and strong & of course to be able to eat all the extra goodness that I frequently indulge in (hello Pralines & Cream Häagen-Dazs….a definite weakness! Hopefully Victor doesn’t read this ;))
Victor, who is also the owner of Mind and Body Personal Training, was gracious enough to provide a list of his Top 5 Tips for Getting into Shape in 2011. Enjoy!
  1. SET REALISTIC GOALS: Just like a road map, you must set out a direction and plan to follow.
  2. KEEP IT SIMPLE: If you are just starting out, start with the basics, 3 x a week covering all major muscle groups.
  3. BE CONSISTENT: Nothing comes easy, make fitness a priority in your agenda.
  4. VARIETY: Spice of life, learn new exercises and mix things up, make it a happy hour workout.
  5. EAT HEALTHY: Do not diet! Consume 5- 6 small balanced meals every 3 hrs & keep it simple.
QUICK TIP: Having a great workout outfit actually motivates me to get into the gym! I personally love Lululemon outfits for everyday comfort & for working out. My favorite thing to wear right now is definitely the Yogi Dance Jacket in violet! Adorable!

QUESTION: Which tip are you committed to taking on in 2011?
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