My Favorite Winter Skin Savers

Winter absolutely wreaks havoc on my skin and now that I am living in a condo the air is even drier! Beauty nightmare!
Here are a few of my favorite things to save your skin during the parched winter months.
WATER! I drink copious amounts of water & it really does make a difference! I am a little obsessed with EVIAN but I do use my Brita Filter as much as possible & squeeze a fresh lemon into my water whenever possible as well!

We had to invest into a humidifier because the air in the condo was so dry. It has made such a difference with the moisture in the air since we started using it. Great investment!

I love this stuff! It’s multi-purpose since you can use it for your chapped lips to your dry cuticles. Really good stuff! (Sephora)
Triple Moisture Body Cream from Bath & Body Works is great! It’s super moisturizing & this particular scent is so decadent. Lather it on after your shower!
A fabulous night cream is a MUST any time of the year but especially during the winter months! I am a huge fan of Lancôme products.

QUESTION: What are your tips for saving your skin during the winter?
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