Shape’s January Issue


Ladies, this one is definitely for you! If any of you have picked up the recent Shape magazine you will see the very beautiful & fit Brooke Burke on the cover, who also by the way is a mother of 4! One of her bucket list items was to be on the cover of Shape magazine & as you can see it came true for her! She’s absolutely fabulous & stunning!
Here are some of my favorite quotes from her interview, which I think are so empowering for women (Girls rule ;)): 
Sexy is a state of mind!
There’s something magical about a woman who feels comfortable in her own skin. Power and beauty come from a very deep place. 
It’s about owning who you are.
A bucket list is motivating. Every woman should give herself an hour to dream and write down her desires (I am personally working on this right now! Post coming soon!)
Nice girls kick ass too! Making decisions and committing to them is better than being wishy-washy. You have to trust your insticts, then have the confidence to act upon them.
If you don’t know, Brooke also has a fabulous website called ModernMom. I am not a mother but I actually enjoy her blog and it gives great insight into what being a Modern Mom in today’s world is all about! Very inspiring! (Ok, I think I am done obsessing over her for now ;))
QUICK TIP: Brooke has a great Spicy Ginger Tea Recipe that she swears by to get her ready for big events or when she starts to feel run down! Give it a try!
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