January Wine of the Month (Palazzo della Torre)

It’s becoming a well-known fact that I have an insatiable desire for amazing wine especially when paired with a great home cooked meal! This month’s wine inspiration comes from my wonderful husband’s Christmas gift to me & I had to showcase it because it was really that great & will now be on my target list the next time I go to the LCBO & I am craving a great bottle of Italian wine!

Palazzo Della Torre 2007, Veronese (Allegrini)

Wine Country Review: Allegrini affectionately refers to Palazzo della Torre as their “baby Amarone.” It’s brimming with notes of dark, dried cherries, blackberries and hints of dates and mocha. Pairs well with full-flavored pasta, risotto dishes, roast poultry, chorizo and is really excellent with hard and semi-hard cheeses. Or if you’re in the mood try it with barbecued ribs.
Along with my affection to wine itself, I also have an appreciation for great Wine Tools! The kind of tools that really enhances your wine experience & these are my favorite ones that I use all the time!


This is definitely a more formal one but just so elegant!

This is the one I own from Crate & Barrel and is great for everyday but still elegant enough to use for a dinner party!

Wine Pump

This truly is an innovative tool! I use it every time I open up a new bottle because my husband doesn’t really drink wine as often as I do 😉 & so after I pour myself a glass I’ll pump the air out of the bottle and it preserves the wine so that it will last longer than just using a wine stopper. We bought ours at our last wine tour in Niagara!

Decorative Wine Stoppers

This is just an added touch that dresses up your bottle! No surprise here that I love this because it’s decorative & you know me with beautiful things in my kitchen 😉 When I went to Italy on my honeymoon, we went to the Murano island and bought a few Murano glass wine stoppers that we brought back as gifts (and some that I kept for myself, of course!)

Riedel Glas Austria Wine Glasses

Last but not least, is a great wine glass. These are definitely a little bit pricey but well worth it, in my opinion. I am currently in the market for a new set of the stemless variety!


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