How to Beat the Winter Blues :(

For most of us, it’s hard to find ways to beat the winter blues. January is the worst for me but I do find that there are some things that ease the depressive state. Here are my tips for battling against the blues during the dreary winter months:
Exercise! Top of my list for a reason. Honestly, nothing else snaps me out of a bad mood quicker. I won’t list the benefits to exercising because everyone already knows what they are but if you truly want to get out of a rut then get moving!
Bake/Cook! One of the reasons I started this blog is because I love to cook/bake & it’s more than just a chore to me. I actually get pleasure & satisfaction out of making something great & spreading the love by feeding the people I love the most. I guess you could say it’s somewhat cathartic but truly who doesn’t love to come home to a home cooked meal on a cold & miserable January night! It just makes everything better 🙂
Brighten Up Your Environment! This weekend when I went grocery shopping I picked up a beautiful bouquet of flowers that I happily display on my kitchen counter. They definitely brighten up my day & since I spend so much time in the kitchen it’s hard not to reap the benefits.
Spa It Out! It’s very easy to let yourself go during the winter months because who cares what we look like anyways. Our skin is dry & we are cranky! I love going to the spa for either a facial, mani/pedi or for a great therapeutic massage during the winter months because it relaxes me & reminds me that taking care of myself all year round is necessary. What could be better?
Eat! I know we need to avoid gaining the forbidden winter weight but eating is such a pleasurable affair & especially when it’s with the people you love. So when all else fails (and in moderation, of course) ask your best friend to come over to catch up on girl time & eat apple pie 😉 ( My BFF is coming over today to do exactly this! Can’t wait!)
The countdown is on until Spring!
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