Williams-Sonoma What’s For Dinner Sale

Yesterday, during my lunch hour I stopped in at Williams-Sonoma to see their 15% off Sauce & Starters sale. I’ve purchased their savory sauces in the past & they have always resulted in a delicious & quick weeknight dinner. The ones I’ve tried so far: Chipotle 20 Minute Simmering Sauce & Tikka Masala Indian Simmering Sauce. I love that all you have to do is sauté some veggies & chicken/shrimp & toss it together with the sauce, let it simmer so the flavours all marry together & serve over basmati or egg noodles or whatever you’re craving! Hey, I am a fan of short cuts especially during the work week when I have less time to devote to long & labour intensive cooking sessions, which I do love to do when I HAVE the time!

Sale Ends January 16th!
As mentioned, for the most part, I don’t buy anything for the original price because things usually always end up going on sale so yesterday was a great chance for me to pick up a few sauces that I could keep in my pantry for when my husband says “I’m hungry!” & I need to make a quick & satisfying meal 🙂
Here’s what I came out with & I can’t wait to try out:

QUICK TIP: Check out your nearest Williams-Sonoma store for cooking classes that they offer for FREE!

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