Mind & Body Top 3 Exercises

Victor is back with more tips to keep us on track & excited about fitness! His passion for personal training is seriously admirable & when you meet someone who loves what they do & proves it by always being creative & excited about how he trains, you know you’re in good hands!
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Here are Victor’s Top 3 Exercises for Women & Men as voted in the local gyms. I’ve tried all 3 moves & I can’t say that I LOVE them but they do wonders to your physique so I just do them anyways 😉 Victor is so patient with me & my whining! Add these moves into your next workout routine & have fun!
Women’s Top 3 Exercises
Walking Lunge/Oblique Twist

Plank Tricep Kickbacks

Squat/Press (Medicine Ball)

Men’s Top 3 Exercises:
Flat Bench Press

Pull Ups (Bodyweight or Assisted)

Alternate Dumbbell Curls

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One Response to Mind & Body Top 3 Exercises

  1. great exercises! I need to start increasing weight but love my baby-size dumbbells

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