Marchesa’s New Couture China Collection

“If you want to inject your party with glamour, dress up! Even a simple lunch can turn luxe if you throw on an amazing dress and heels. Your table should dress the part, too. You don’t have to overdo it — even a small gesture like tucking a flower bud into each napkin can add a touch of couture elegance to any setting.”
– Georgina Chapman & Keren Craig (a.k.a Marchesa)
*Marchesa Tablescape Ideas, House Beautiful
*Marchesa by Lenox
Marchesa is famously known for adorning women in elegant red carpet eveningwear and exquisite bridal gowns & they have now taken their luxury signature style & delved into the world of  china. How fabulous! Fashion designers turning into fine china designers. It makes so much sense!
They partnered with Lenox to come up with 8 different china pattern designs inspired by their dress collections & they are all simply gorgeous! I recently discovered the newly introduced line at The Bay & I only wish that these designs were available when I was doing my bridal registry 😉 I am just not sure that I would have been able to choose just one pattern! When I got married last September I registered at William Ashley & was so ecstatic when I went for my china consultation because I always envisioned when I got married that I would finally get to have my own china set elegantly dress my dining room table (something definitely inspired in me by my beautiful mother!) so I can truly say that I appreciate fine china (along with fine dining ;)) & the impact it can have on your personal décor style!
♥ Absolutely Stunning!

*Spring Lark                                                   *French Lace                                            *Painted Camelia
My China: Vera Wang by Wedgwood Platinum Lace (another fashion designer designing china! Love it!)


QUICK TIP: China is definitely an investment so don’t pick just any pattern unless you absolutely adore it! Obviously picking the china was definitely my department of expertise & my husband just wanted me to pick whatever made me happy (I told you he was a great guy;)) but letting your better half get involved with the final decision can alleviate some of the stress!
QUESTION: What do you think of fashion designers using their artistry to design china? (I personally think it is fabulous because who better than a fashion designer to create beautiful & exquisite china patterns!)
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One Response to Marchesa’s New Couture China Collection

  1. Shelly Haidon says:

    Hi Marie,
    Yes, I suppose it is a natural progression for designers to diversify into the design of china, also a good marketing strategy too. Once one designer does it, then is sort of makes sense that others join in.


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