Rosewater Supper Club

Last night, I took out one of my favorite girlfriends to the Rosewater Supper Club as a late birthday celebration (Happy Bday Ms. J!), which was long overdue & so deserved! She’s an amazing friend & has taken me to many fine dining establishments & I have eaten a few of my most memorable meals with her (to this day she jokes with me over the Lobster Omelette (yes, I said lobster!) I ordered at The Epic restaurant & how she’s still paying for it! It was one of my favorite meals! I am hoping someone will be gracious enough to take me back ;))
Rosewater has been on my restaurant wish list for a while & mainly because it’s affiliated with the Liberty Entertainment Group. My wedding venue, Liberty Grand, is also a part of Liberty Entertainment Group & one of the highlights of my wedding was definitely the food and service. It was fantastic! So I was sure that the Rosewater restaurant would not disappoint.
Perhaps I should put a disclaimer out there before I delve into my review. I LOVE dining out but I am also quite picky and it takes a lot to impress me. My favorite part of a meal is dessert so if that is not outstanding then it’s a huge disappointment (really for the most part I should just skip right to dessert & leave out the main b/c that’s how much I love my sweets ;))
Here are the food & décor highlights of the evening! (My camera died on me so these pics are from my beloved but not very picture friendly iPhone & some from the web)
The ambience was nice but did not overly impress me! They have a few other rooms where they host events such as weddings but this was the main dining area.

Appetizer: Seared Scallops with risotto of baby spinach, parmesan twill
The appetizer was tasty but just average. Nothing spectacular, really! I liked the risotto (for obvious reasons ;)) & the scallops were seared well but this did not wow me!
Main Course: Tagliatelle with forest mushrooms, herbed chicken, grilled artichoke, house made pesto
This dish had a lot of flavour but I felt like it was something you could throw together at home. When I dine out especially at a higher end restaurant I expect that the dish is going to be unique & not something that I could easily replicate at home. Am I being too tough?

Dessert: Molten Chocolate Tower citrus salad Grand Marnier caramel
There are 2 specific places that I have gone to where I had Chocolate Molten Cake to die for that I will probably never forget: Harbour 60 (Toronto) &  Valbella (NYC, Meatpacking District). This was not great & it was over baked. I am all for really nice presentation but when the food does not match the beauty of the presentation then it doesn’t really matter. I was disappointed!

FINAL REVIEW: So I think it’s pretty evident that this restaurant did not impress me & it was just average, at best! I think I had too high of an expectation based on my experience with Liberty Grand. Thankfully I had great company 🙂 Oh well! On to the next fine dining experience & I hear that Sotto Sotto might be in my very near future…so excited!!
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One Response to Rosewater Supper Club

  1. Ms. J. says:


    Thanks so much for treating me to dinner at Rosewater last night. I do agree that it was long overdue – I had to wait 46 years!!!

    I am sorry to say that I was also underwhelmed by their fare. I found the courses to be appropriately portioned but somewhat bland. Other than the wine (great choice, by the way), there was nothing that really piqued the interest of my palette.

    Fortunately, for me, the quality of my date more than compensated for the lack of culinary inspiration.

    You’ll also be glad to know that I only have 720 installments of $500 left to pay on the Lobster Omelette at Epic. At this rate, I am optimistic that I will have it completely paid off by the time I am 350. So I’m afraid that someone else will have to take you back for seconds as I have been asked by the manager not to darken the door of their establishment as long as my account is still in arrears. Oh, the things I do for love…

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