What’s In Your Freezer?

When the winter months hit I usually go into survival mode (a.k.a. cranky mode), which also means I spend a lot more time at home & can’t be bothered to go to the grocery store as often as I would like. It’s not like it’s summer where I can walk over to the farmer’s market & bask in the abundance of beautiful fruits and veggies (I can’t wait for summer ;)). So one of the things I make sure is that my freezer is always adequately stocked so that coming up with a last-minute smoothie, a quick dinner or a homemade dessert to take away my winter blues is no problem at all & hassle free!
Here’s what I have in my freezer right now, in the hopes that it will get me through the rest of the winter (I did mention already that I hate winter, right? ‘Cause I really do!!!):
  • Organic Blueberries, Strawberries & Raspberries
  • Shrimp
  • Rapini
  • Meat Lasagna & Cheese/Spinach Ravioli
  • Spicy Mushroom Tomatoe Sauce
  • Homemade Cookie Dough & Chocolate Chips to make more cookie dough when my first batch runs out 😉
  • President’s Choice Fig & Goat Cheese Puff Pastry Appetizers (These are a little piece of heaven! Great for serving last-minute guests ;))
  • Puff Pastry & Phyllo

  • Whole Wheat Toast
  • Butter Sticks (Oh yes!)
  • Coffee
  • Ginger Cubes
  • Chicken Breasts (Pre-packaged in packs of 2)
  • Parmigiano Reggiano (My love!)
  • Le Grande Tapenade (This stuff is amazing & so versatile)
I think I might be able to survive the rest of winter now 😉
QUESTION: What is the one thing you always have in your freezer?
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2 Responses to What’s In Your Freezer?

  1. your freezer is so organized!! I always have frozen peas bc I like them on salads and frozen blueberries for breakfast cereal

  2. Bianca Haidon says:

    Hi Aunty Marie,

    Can I come over and bake cookies with you, someday? Isaw chipits in your freezer.


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