Date Night at Sotto Sotto

Sotto Sotto you have my ♥ (I know I say that about a lot of things but it’s true & I am a passionate person!) I have been waiting to go back to this restaurant ever since I went the last time with my brother who treated me to the most amazing meal (thank you, brother!) My husband also knows of my small, little, tiny obsession with going to this restaurant so he booked us in for a dinner date tonight at the one and only Sotto Sotto restaurant in Yorkville! I was ecstatic when he told me & I had it marked in my calendar ever since & I have been examining the menu online for the last 2 weeks trying to decide what I would indulge in (a little obsessed, I know!). There are far too many amazing options & I can’t handle the stress of having to choose just a few items. To the very lucky people who have had the privilege of dining with me 😉 I know you are smiling right now as you read this because you know this is so typical of me!
Anyways, on to the more important things: the food & ambience of said restaurant! (Oh the food!)
Sotto Sotto is a very romantic & authentic Italian restaurant with dim, intimate lighting & low ceilings. We honestly felt like we were back in Venice! Beautiful!
Wall of fame! This restaurant is very well known to the A-list celebrities who come to visit Toronto & this was very evident with all the pictures that adorn the walls when you first walk in. Yes, that’s Oprah in the top right picture!

♥ Beyond ecstatic & very grateful to have such an amazing husband who always aims to make me happy! Clearly he knows Sotto Sotto is the way to my heart 😉

♥ Bruschetta & Gamberetti Al Limone (Shrimps in White Wine & Lemon)

♥ Hers: Spaghetti Carbonara (Spaghetti in a velvety sauce made with whole eggs, pecorino cheese & pancetta) & His: Bucatini Alla Matriciana (Large, hollow spaghetti with tomato sauce & pancetta)

♥ Cappucino & Dulce de Leche Cheesecake & Tiramisu (We couldn’t decide between the two so the waiter brought us a little of each!)

FINAL REVIEW: I am already planning another reason to celebrate just so I can go back! The food & the ambience were both outstanding & guys, if you really want to impress you need to take the beautiful lady in your life to this restaurant! This is one of my favorite dining indulgences for a reason 😉
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