My Dream Kitchen!

Obviously I love cooking/baking & being in the kitchen. It humbles me & awakens my senses to all things naturally divine such as fresh squeezed lemons or a pot of simmering Bolognese. Right now, I have a very small but very adorable kitchen in my condo that I adore. I have ornamented my tiny space with all the things I love: candles, cookbooks, a picture with my mom (she’s my inspiration!), a beautiful porcelain bowl with decorative artichokes (I have a thing for artichokes & how rustic looking they are!), my Le Creuset Tea Pot & French Oven & some pictures of my husband & I along with magnet souvenirs from our honeymoon all displayed on the fridge. It’s actually quite charming 🙂
Let me take you on a quick tour….

If I could build my dream kitchen, it would be spacious & stunning & include a fancy wine cooler, a kitchen island, lots of hidden storage space, marble countertops, a china cabinet & a fabulous chandelier adorning the centre of the room! Sounds exquisite, right? Dream big is my motto!
For now, I’ll have to take some design inspiration from the online People Magazine Photo Special on Cooking with the Stars! Recently, People showcased celebrities in their very beautiful kitchens. I love how the kitchens totally reflect the style of the individual (as it should)! Stunning!

Khloe Kardashian

Martina McBride

Curtis Stone

Paula Deen

Gayle King

QUESTION: What would your dream kitchen look like?
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9 Responses to My Dream Kitchen!

  1. Jenny says:

    Your kitchen is gorgeous!! My dream kitchen must definitely be cozy and a place where guests can hang out and is spacious enough to make great dishes 🙂

  2. Shelly says:

    Hi Marie,
    From a Mom’s point of view, the kitchen is the heart of the home, so my ideal kitchen should have a large island so the little ones can climb up on top and help with the baking, that Daddy (in our home) loves to do. Also, I love having the TV there to watch my favourite show for inspiration, or we can always watch Dora on Treehouse too. Ahhhh, yes, dream kitchen should also have a coffee bar! (yum…)


  3. Ms. J. says:

    A good starting point for me would be the following:
    Huge island with granite or quartz counter top
    Sub-zero built-in refrigerator and wine cooler
    Miele double wall ovens
    Bosch dishwasher
    Totally wired for internet and cable
    And last, but certainly not least, the company of good friends like you! On second thought, if I’m having you over, I better get a second wine cooler 😉

  4. William "the cook" says:

    The dream kitchen must start with a gas range…otherwise every other dress-up to your space is wasted and you might as well pack it in and move to somewhere that enables you to cook with gas, electric is totally obsolete.

    As for esthetics it really doesn’t matter what it looks like in your kitchen as long as it is functional….remember the Death Star from Star Wars Return of the Jedi (wasn’t pretty but got the job done) Oh and very important !!!! You need your space to be free of knick-knacks and clutter.

    The kitchen should have vaulted ceilings so you can throw your homemade pizza dough high in the air without hitting the ceiling or hang up a nerf hoop, and it should have a perfect non obstructed view to a television (surround sound optional) now that’s prrrrfect.

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