Cupcake Love ♥

*Chatelaine’s 14 Days of Cupcakes (Flowers & Chocolate)
So it must not be a surprise that I ♥ CUPCAKES  (I guess my blog name says it all!). I think they are the perfect way to end a meal & an overall great dessert option because they are sweet, pretty confections & the ideal size for an anytime indulgence. There are so many varieties & flavours that I honestly don’t think I have one single favorite flavour but a few that definitely top my list are Coconut, Vanilla with Raspberry Buttercream & Red Velvet! YUM!
In fact, I love cupcakes so much that they were served at both my wedding shower & my wedding in lieu of a traditional wedding cake. They were tiered beautifully & decorated with filigree wrappers & dusted with sugar crystals & almost too pretty to eat but we did anyways, of course!
*My Wedding Cupcakes (Afters Baking Co.)
I don’t bake cupcakes as often as I buy them just because unless I have a lot of people to feed I can’t trust myself to be around a dozen cupcakes 😉 My husband might come home to find me in a sugar coma with buttercream all over my face! However, I have been affectionately called “The Cupcake Lady” from a 5-year-old the one time I did make them for my husband’s birthday. That should tell you something about my love affair with cupcakes!
The 2 Things I Can’t Live Without When Baking Cupcakes:

*Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes Cookbook                           *Williams-Sonoma Antique Cupcake Stand
Cupcake Recipes To Try for Valentine’s Day:
♥ Barefoot Contessa’s Coconut Cupcakes ♥ Martha Stewart’s Red Velvet Cupcakes (shown below) & Chocolate Salted-Caramel Mini Cupcakes (Recipe available in her cookbook or if you’re really nice to me I can email it to you 🙂 )

QUICK TIP: Cupcakes are a great dessert to serve when you are entertaining. You can display them beautifully on a cake platter or a cupcake stand (above) & they can add such an elegant yet fun touch to your overall theme!  If you slave over the main course or prepare amazing appetizers from scratch then you don’t need to feel bad for buying dessert but just make sure they are fresh!
QUESTION: What’s your ultimate favorite cupcake flavour?
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3 Responses to Cupcake Love ♥

  1. Jenny says:

    I love a good chocolate and vanilla combo. Can’t go wrong either way 😀

  2. I’m all about the chocolate!! That stand is sooo cute!

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