Blow Dry Bar

Exciting news! A new Blow Dry Bar is opening in downtown Toronto in the Spring & conveniently located right beside my office (all good things happen in Spring!). I have high maintenance hair so using their services from time to time will be such a time saver & let’s be realistic what woman doesn’t love getting her hair done? Hello, fabulous hair!
Blo recently introduced a new signature Hair Menu (see sample below), which features some of these fabulous styles:


This classic blo out will make the paparazzi snap.
Smooth tresses with lots of body and gentle arcs toward the neckline. Monroe at her heartbreaking best. A must-do for cocktails or an espresso-induced shopping spree.
We’re talking skyscraper straight.
Our best irons are on the case. This hair means business and is de rigueur for the power meeting, the “time for a raise” talk or a boardroom presentation.
The perfect pony.
Every little girl dreamed of getting one for her birthday and this time you get exactly what you ask for. A polished look for an impromptu polo match or just because.
I’ve never tried their services before but I’ve heard great things & truly, how can you ever go wrong with getting a professional blow out done? It’s transformational & saves women so much time. Blo has definitely picked the ideal location within the Financial District of Toronto for a perfect target market – busy corporate women who always want to look fabulous but have hectic schedules. Genius! I’ll definitely provide a review of their services once I’ve gone to get coiffed 😉 Can’t wait!
QUICK TIP: Check online to see if there are any Blow Dry Bar locations near you!
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3 Responses to Blow Dry Bar

  1. Martina Skrela says:

    That’s actually pretty cool!

  2. I know! I am so excited 🙂

  3. Shelly says:

    Love this idea, and great time saver too!


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