What’s New & Coming Soon to P&C!

I am ecstatic that January is over & that we are that much closer to Spring! That being said, January was still a very exciting month, especially for Peonies & Cupcakes, since it officially launched & I really have to thank all my readers to date. I definitely have a new found passion now that I started this blog & I hope to keep the fire burning and get more feedback from all my fabulous supporters. There is something very satisfying with being able to express yourself on the things you are passionate about & that’s why I love blogging every day. This is definitely the most candid I’ve ever been about who I am & what I really love so I hope you continue to enjoy all that Peonies & Cupcakes has to offer!
P&C is definitely a work in progress, so let me thank you in advance for your patience as I delve into the intricate world of blogging & everything that comes with it (I am sure there will be some hiccups along the way!).  I can only hope that P&C will get better with time (like a fine wine 😉 You know I had to throw that in there!)

Peonies & Cupcakes now has an official logo that you will see adorning the pages of the blog moving forward! It’s my version of blog eye candy 😉
♥ Travel Page
♥ More Recipes, Dining Experiences and Wine Features
♥ More Health & Living and Style & Décor Tips & Reviews
♥ Continued Daily Dose of All Things that P&C is Passionate About!
*Please feel free to contact me at mskrelji@hotmail.com with any feedback or questions. I would love to hear from you!
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5 Responses to What’s New & Coming Soon to P&C!

  1. Shelly says:

    Great work, keep it up!

    Lots of fun to check in on your new postings.


  2. Hubby says:

    The logo looks awesome babe! What’s for dinner 😉

  3. Ms. J. says:

    I will be especially looking forward to your decor tips as I have finally decided to do some major renovations this year. I’ll need all the help I can get!

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