Kitchen Things I am Lusting Over Right Now!

Last night’s concert was so unbelievably amazing! We had platinum seats (thank you, Mom!) so Bon Jovi was that much closer to me 😉 If I wasn’t already head over heels, I definitely am now!  Needless to say, I am very sleep deprived so today’s post will be light on the writing & heavy on the pictures until I catch up on my sleep.
Spring is so close & I love that the new Spring trends are coming up everywhere from fashion to décor.  It’s so exciting! Here are a few kitchen (big surprise!) things, some which are Spring themed, that I am definitely lusting over & given the space & money I’d go out and buy all of them right now!
But first some more pictures of MY KITCHEN while I was prepping for dinner tonight….

And now onto the good stuff…

♥ Crate & Barrel’s Wire Pedestal

♥ Anthropologie’s Rising Wings Apron
♥ Crate & Barrel’s French Kitchen Island
♥ Bryan Voltaggio’s Favorite Spices (William’s Sonoma)
♥ Crate & Barrel’s Cherry and Plum Dish Towels

♥ Anthropologie’s Dining Room Measuring Spoons ( I ♥ vintage looking spoons & recently started to collect them!)

QUICK TIP: The National Home Show is taking place February 18-27th & if you buy tickets online you save $3. This is a great way to get trendsetting décor ideas!

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2 Responses to Kitchen Things I am Lusting Over Right Now!

  1. Shelly says:

    Hi Marie,
    I LOVE LOVE the wire pedestal. I want to collect these pieces. Maybe a great hint for a Mother’s Day gift pour moi!


  2. Yes, it’s adorable! Start dropping the hints to the hubby 😉

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