Yoga Challenge

It’s been awhile since I did a fitness related post & although fitness is an important part of my lifestyle I don’t really speak too much about it on the blog but I would like to give more exposure to topics related to keeping fit because it’s definitely a P&C passion!
My fabulous trainer is on vacation for the next week so I get a break from doing weights (yeah!).  As a result, it got me thinking about what I can do to change things up & so I decided that I want to re-introduce yoga into my weekly routine.
I usually thrive off of high impact types of activities (i.e. running/elliptical/dancing) but I KNOW that yoga is just as important to my wellbeing/sanity/strength as any other type of fitness so I am committed to doing at least 1 yoga session per week.
For the non-Yogis, here’s a little bit of background information:
What is yoga?
The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit root “yuj”, which means “to yoke” the spirit and physical body together. Yoga has evolved over thousands of years to embrace a wide range of styles and disciplines.
Yoga is a popular activity for athletes, children, and seniors. Yoga can be modified to suit all levels of fitness. Yoga has been proven to lower blood pressure and increases strength and flexibility. Yoga energizes our bodies and calms our minds.

Yoga Quickguide
  • Anusara: Playful. Expect to laugh and go upside down.
  • Ashtanga: Athletic and vigorous.
  • Bikrams: Consistent poses in a very heated studio.
  • Hatha: Foundation for many yoga styles. Great for beginners.
  • Hot: Make sure to bring a towel — or two!
  • Iyengar: With a focus on structure, usually uses blocks, straps for support.
  • Kundalini: Focused on meditation and breathing.
  • Power/Flow/Vinyasa: An athletic and physically challenging style.
  • Pre- and Post-natal: Gentle Hatha yoga is ideal for pregnant women to help lower stress.
  • Yin: A slow class that will take you deeper than you’ve ever gone.
Personally, HOT YOGA is my favorite! I’ve done a few classes in the past & I always come out a sweaty mess but feel so amazing & stretched out…really, it’s worth trying out! However, classes can be expensive so I don’t go often & usually I’ll get my yoga fix at home with a video (I use Body By Bethenny) & my trusty Yoga mat!

If you want more hot yoga details, check out this recent blog post on the Lululemon website that offers great expert tips:  Some like it hot: tips from the experts
To go along with that, check out one of my favorite new Yoga outfits also available at Lululemon! Love the pattern!

QUICK TIP: Lululemon stores offer complimentary yoga classes! Check out to find out when your local lululemon’s weekly yoga class is taking place.
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3 Responses to Yoga Challenge

  1. Shelly says:

    Hi Marie,
    You mentioned that you have a personal trainer. Can you provide tips into finding a good personal trainer, and how to work with one? William “the cook” says he will be my personal trainer, but, I think his technique varys, sometimes, he is brutal and really motivates me, other times he is too kind and just tells me to relax and not push so hard. Just like a doctor should not treat a family member, I have a feeling the same applies to personal trainers.


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