Happy Family Day!

♥ Wishing everyone a restful & luxurious holiday Monday! Spend time with the ones you love & enjoy!
I’ll be sleeping in….

Indulging in a few of my favorite vices while relaxing….

And hopefully some baking will be going on in my kitchen 😉 What a perfect way to spend a day off!
Have fun!
{Images: 1 & 2 This is glamorous; 3 Tinywhitedaisies}
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One Response to Happy Family Day!

  1. Shelly says:

    Happy Family Day!
    Yes, so far only three diapers changed (but who is counting) , then toddler “accident” in the pants, that spilt onto the carpet, two loads of laundry already started, dried and put away since 6am this morning, breakfast clean up, tummy ache, managed to eat my breakfast while standing, ….it is only 10:45am, …..

    Happy Family Day! enjoy all that it has to bring…., back to work and school tomorow and then Mom has a real day off, tee hee.

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