Fitness Inspiration: Personal Training

My husband & I decided to temporarily suspend our training sessions with our favorite trainer, Victor (we’ll miss you!). We have a lot of exciting things we want to plan for this year so saving money is priority & unfortunately luxury expenses like personal training needs to go on the back burner for now 😦 Exercise is a constant in my life so I won’t be slowing down on my usual routine now that Victor is no longer around. I’ve always been self driven towards the things I am passionate about so luckily the treadmill will still get the pleasure of my company 😉
If you are fortunate enough to have had a personal trainer then you know the amazing benefits that come with having your own personal Drill Sargent always motivating you & helping you appreciate how your body works & just how hard you can push it, even when you don’t think you can do just 2 more reps! (Believe me I know!)
Here are some of my learnings from hiring a personal trainer & my best advice if you are considering to hire one for yourself (this is based on my own personal experience & opinion):
♥ Research Personal Trainers in Your Area: Interview them if you have to & see if they offer a free session so you can be sure that you have the right chemistry. You need to be comfortable with their style of training & make sure they listen to what your needs are & actually train towards meeting those needs.
♥ Make Sure They are Mobile & Work for Themselves: I think this one is key because trainers at the gym cost a lot because of overhead & sometimes they are not passionate about getting YOU in shape – it’s just a pay check to them. Trainers, like Victor, who work for themselves are usually very passionate & very much invested in their job. This will be evident to you right from the beginning! Mobility is also key because I probably wouldn’t have hired Victor in the first place if he wasn’t willing to come to my gym to train me. It’s convenient & he worked with my schedule.
♥ Be Committed: Don’t waste your time or your trainer’s time by being semi-interested in getting personally trained. Personal trainers are not miracle workers & it’s YOU that ultimately has to do all the hard work, so be excited, be motivated & be fully engaged in that 1 hour session so you can get the most out of it.
♥ Don’t Complain: One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing people complain during their entire training session. Why? Suck it up & work your butt off for that 1 hour or don’t do it at all. Believe me amazing trainers don’t want to get paid to hear you whine, they want to see you get results!
Do It For You: Don’t ever do anything diet or fitness related for someone else – do it for you! Do it because you want to feel empowered & you want to make changes in your life for the better but make sure that they are always self driven because you are the only one responsible for YOU! It may sound cliché but it’s true.
♥ this poster!
If You’re Looking for a Great Trainer in the GTA:
Contact Victor @ Mind and Body Personal Training
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3 Responses to Fitness Inspiration: Personal Training

  1. Shelly says:

    Hi Marie,
    Very valuable tips! Thanks for your message. I don’t think this time in our life is the right time for a personal trainer, but, my kids can be our personal trainers, going out to the park, pulling a sled up a hill, “faster Mommy faster!!!” You get the jist!


  2. That’s probably the best workouts you can get 😉 Keep it up!

  3. Kat says:

    Good to know about mobile trainers v. employed by gyms. I didn’t even think about that one, but it definitely makes sense!

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