Lazy Sunday…

Yesterday, my husband & I went to the Flight Centre Travel Expo in search of a much needed luxurious vacation. We came out with a few great ideas like a Mediterranean 12-Day Cruise but, nothing has been finalized as of yet. I’ll keep you posted! In case you’re interested, the Travel Show is on today as well.
My Saturday also consisted of going for a much needed mani/pedi & then finally a beautiful evening out at my best friend’s house where great conversation & a great bottle of wine took over the night…it was perfect!
Today, is definitely a lazy feeling Sunday but I am forcing myself out of the house anyways by going for coffee with my girlfriend and then a little bit of retail therapy 😉
Right now, I am craving nothing more than some wonderful Brioche French Toast with a foamy and luxuriously sweet latté & my bed! Unfortunately, I am not in Paris where this type of lazy behaviour is totally acceptable & Brioche French Toast is as easy to come by as cereal in a box for us. Plus, my to do list must be tackled & that’s non-negotiable.

For those of you who have the luxury of staying in bed all day…enjoy!

♥ Have a wonderful Sunday!
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