Hosting Sunday Breakfast

Yesterday, was a busy Sunday filled with family events. My day started off by hosting a breakfast at the condo & let me tell you that even in a small space you can still pull off an impressive & elegant breakfast spread.
Here are my tips:
♥ Plan your menu ahead of time & use good quality/organic ingredients whenever possible:  My menu consisted of fresh baked croissants with butter and jam served on the side, bacon, scrambled eggs with fresh thyme & chives, fresh raspberry cream tart (store-bought) and fresh strawberries! It was simple yet elegant 😉
♥ Do all your prep work ahead of time:  Lay out all your platters, cutlery, napkins etc. so you know how much space you have to work with (I did this all the night before so all I had to do in the morning was cook). The foldable three-tiered server is a great space saver & really lets you beautifully display your dishes with minimal fuss. Love it!
♥ Work with what you have:  Whenever we have guests over & we serve food, I always display it on our counter & let people help themselves (buffet style). Again, since we don’t have the luxury of space, a formal sit down meal is simply not feasible but it still works out & there will be lots of time to plan and host formal events later on 🙂
♥ Little details really make a difference:  The tulips, the decorative napkins and the grapefruit scented candle all gave a spring like theme to the breakfast. Fresh orange slices added to the water was extra refreshing & fresh herbs mixed into the scrambled eggs really made the eggs a bit more special. Little details tie everything together beautifully!
♥ Bottom line: Don’t let space prevent you from pulling off your best Martha Stewart inspired creations, especially if you love to entertain at home, no matter how big or how small 😉 your living space may be!

P&C QUICK TIP: Being a great host/hostess is definitely not easy but whenever you have guests over for a meal do your absolute best by being gracious & welcoming, using your best serving ware/cutlery/napkins etc. and making dishes that you know your guests will love! Inviting people to your home can also be stressful if you are not prepared, so make sure you make a list, if necessary & tackle anything you can before so on the day of, you are relaxed & can actually enjoy all the great food you made & more importantly, you can enjoy your guests!
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2 Responses to Hosting Sunday Breakfast

  1. Marylou Machado says:

    Thank you for sharing, your lovely ideas.

  2. Shelly says:

    What a lovely way to start our March Break!!!

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