Inspiration: Get Fit to Feel Fabulous!

Spring is almost here so that means showing off our very sexy bodies is one of the perks to warmer weather!  I try (try being the key word here ;)) to keep a consistent workout regimen year round but inevitably I always fall off the workout wagon just a little bit during the cold & miserable winter months.  I don’t push myself as hard & missing a few workouts here and there in place of a glass of wine in my warm condo sounds so much more appealing than trenching through the snow & sleet to get to the Elliptical.  Ugh!
Anyways, as the days get longer & the sun starts to shine just a little bit more the fitness motivation in me starts to resurface or perhaps just the fear that my skinny jeans won’t look so skinny if I keep up my lazy behaviour 😉  Nonetheless, we need to start to get moving & not just to look fabulous but to feel fabulous too (i.e. reduce stress, ward off a moody attitude etc.) – it’s one of the main reasons I exercise! P&C is big on finding & giving inspiring articles/ideas/tips/images etc. because to me inspiration & passion are keys to success!  So, here’s my dose of exercise inspiration, in hopes that it will motivate you to get moving & get excited about feeling great!
The treadmill & I definitely have a love/hate relationship & running outside is definitely my preferred method of exercise but when the weather is not exactly ideal condition for running I give in to the treadmill.  The key is to mix it up to avoid extreme boredom!  Here’s a great 12 week workout that definitely offers a great blend of different routines  you can do:
12 Week Treadmill Workout

Music is the #1 thing that gets me through my cardio sessions so here are a few of my favorite Playlist Songs right now that are getting me moving:
Britney Spears – Hold It Against Me
Britney Spears – Till the World Ends
Seek Bromance – Tim Berg
Lady Gaga – Born This Way

Tracy Anderson just introduced a new customized-to-your-problem-areas program called Metamorphosis.  Check out all the details in this week’s GOOP newsletter.  If you need inspiration just look at how fabulous Gwyneth Paltrow looks.  Enough said!

Check out the Tosca: Flexing at 49 show on VIVA!  It’s an inspirational series that follows 49-year-old Tosca Reno (Eat-Clean Diet lady!) as she prepares for the final body building competition of her career.  I’ve watched the first 2 episodes & it’s absolutely amazing what you can make your body do if you put your mind to it!  Definitely inspiring!
Do Yoga! I’ve been sticking to my 1 yoga session per week & it feels great.  My muscles don’t feel as tight & dare I say that my arms look a little bit leaner 😉 I know it might be boring but just do it because it does your body good! Check out my Yoga Post for more inspiration!
Motivated yet?
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One Response to Inspiration: Get Fit to Feel Fabulous!

  1. Ms. J. says:

    I got a workout just reading the post! Does that count? 🙂

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