Closet Organization

Spring is here so that means new pretty outfits & accessories to dress up the season!  For me, it also means time to spring clean out my closet.  Luckily, GOOP recently published an amazing & inspiring article related to this topic and since we all can’t have such luxurious and spacious closets as the ones below, at least we can give our fabulous outfits & accessories some organization because it’s the least we can do for the things that make us look so fashionably beautiful!
♥ This spring, spoil your closet with some TLC!
Clos-ette’s Melanie Fascitelli’s 8 Tips to Organize the Perfect Closet (as seen in GOOP!):
Take Inventory and Edit: Listen up all you pack rats: it’s time to say goodbye to those high-school jeans that don’t fit! Here are the four criteria for keeping a clothing item (and sentimental value isn’t one of them!):
Does the item stand the test of time? (broken-in cowboy boots may not be an everyday item, but you’ll wear them again one day)
Would you buy the item again today if you had the chance?
Have you worn it in the past 12 months?
Is the item in good condition? (yellow pit stains or a sweater that’s pilling are not getting you anywhere! )
Get Organized: Put all your clothes in categories and organize into subsets to help define your style and remember what you own.
Match separates into like items: shirts with shirts, pants with pants, skirts with skirts, and dresses with dresses.
Define those categories further: long sleeve shirts with long sleeve shirts, 3/4 length dresses together, long dresses together and so on and so on. Or, if your mind works differently, evening as its own section. Whichever way you categorize the sections—or find it easy for yourself to stay organized—make sure to create subsections of these sections.
Another trick is to color code your clothes. Organize garments light to dark, left to right (a visual merchandising trick of the trade!)
Always use the same hanger!  In the same color!  This is the easiest way to build out your closet and design a custom system for your wardrobe to naturally fall into.
Gorgeous! My Dream Closet!

P&C QUICK TIP:  Easy and affordable ways to update your closet for spring (aside from buying new outfits ;)) would be to get new drawer liners, replace your closet/drawer knobs with new & trendy ones (you can go for a vintage look vs. a modern style), get brand new hangers in vibrant colors and if you are feeling really luxurious you can buy an inexpensive chandelier to give your closet a really glamorous look & feel! Have fun!
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One Response to Closet Organization

  1. Ms. J. says:

    Great advice as I try to weed out non-essential items from my closet in anticipation of renovations and an eventual move. Thanks!

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