When Life Gets In The Way…

It’s been one of those past few weeks where life (i.e. long hours at the office, family commitments etc.) is taking over & getting in the way of all the things I love to do (i.e. blogging, baking, shopping 😉 etc.)!  But I guess as the beautiful French would say “C’est la vie!” 
I will be posting some recipes this weekend (my poor husband has been so supportive of my absence in the kitchen & so he really deserves a few really great cooked meals & maybe some of his favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies ;)).  Stay tuned!
Aside from cooking & baking and getting together with my beautiful girlfriends to catch up & doing brunch with my wonderful family on Sunday,  I will definitely be putting my feet up and enjoying the beautiful Spring weather!  Can you tell that I am eagerly waiting for the weekend to come?
Simply Blissful!
{Images: “the good heiress”, allure, photo-editing by this is glamorous; this is glamorous, photo-editing by Peonies&Cupcakes}
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2 Responses to When Life Gets In The Way…

  1. It’s almost here! I look forward to it too 🙂 Enjoy!

  2. Shelly says:

    Yes, life can get in the way. I agree. At the bus stop on the way home from work yesterday, I saw a man closing his eyes and letting the warm sun hit his face and he was “just enjoying the moment” I love this, and I too, just stopped and enjoyed the warmth, even if it is just for a brief moment prior to be wisked away on a hectic commute.
    Stop and smell the flowers along the busy day of life. LOVE IT!

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