Kate Middleton’s Fairy Tale Wedding Gown?

On Friday, all eyes will be on the very classy Kate Middleton as she walks down the aisle to marry her prince charming (!), in what will definitely be the most talked about wedding gown probably since Princess Diana. Personally, I adore all things wedding related (the glitz, the love, the cheesiness of it all!) but the wedding dress with all its whimsical & glamorous beauty dripping with tulle and silk taffeta and crystals has got to be the scene stealer for me at any wedding. Maybe it’s because it’s really the only time when a woman can get away with being as richly extravagant as she wants to be – love it! I have 2 weddings to attend this year & I can’t wait to see how stunning the brides will look in their dream dresses! 
In a recent In Style magazine article, fashion designers sketched pictures of what they envision Kate Middleton’s wedding dress to look like – simply glamorous! Based on her everyday style, I really think she’ll wow everyone in a classy & elegant themed wedding gown but nothing too over the top. If I had to choose from the designs below, I would definitely say Kate would favor either a Romantic look à la Christian Siriano or choose a Classic gown similar to Pamella Roland’s design.

♥ Max Azria -Vintage Inspired

♥ Romantic – Christian Siriano
♥ Fashion Forward – Shoshanna
♥ Classic — Pamella Roland
{Images: 1 This is Glamorous; 2-5 In Style}
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One Response to Kate Middleton’s Fairy Tale Wedding Gown?

  1. Ms. J. says:

    Looks like you were right on both counts. I would describe her Sarah Burton creation as both romantic and classic. Simply stunning.

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