A Tiara Fit For A Princess!

{Princess Diana – Elegance at its finest!}
I think there’s a little piece of sheer admiration & lust in all of us over Kate Middleton’s soon to be fate as Princess! When I say admiration, I really mean green with envy, over the stunning TIARA she will be presented with. How fascinating to be Kate Middleton right now on the eve of her wedding to the love of her life?  In true royalty fashion, Kate will be crowned with her very own stunningly beautiful tiara, which I am sure will be adorned with crystals and jewels only fit for a Princess!
In honour of Kate’s pending wedding celebration & the glamorous fairytale dream we are all lusting over, here’s a fascinating glimpse into past tiaras that have adorned aristocracy.
♥ Simply Stunning!
{Cambridge Lovers Knot Tiara}

{Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara}

{Spencer Tiara}

{Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara}

{Poltimore Tiara}

{Images: This Is Glamorous}
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