Décor Inspiration: Wine Bottles

So, I haven’t written about my obvious love affair with wine for a while now & unfortunately, I haven’t tried any new wines worth showcasing on P&C so I’ve been quietly indulging & thoroughly enjoying my usual Cabernet Sauvignon brands that I love & trust to be fabulous! Let me just be clear that I am not complaining 😉
Although, I don’t have any new wines to highlight, I do have some wine inspired décor tips that are absolutely glamorous & sure to impress your most hard to please guests! If I had the luxury of staircases & cathedral length dining room tables, I would definitely steal these ideas 😉 Who would have thought that wine bottles could be so versatile & add so much sumptuous beauty?

{Elegant & Formal Centerpiece}

{Wine Bottle Candle Holders Dressing Up a Stunning Staircase}

{Perfect Table Number Centerpieces}

{Adding Rustic Elegance to a Mantel}

{Wine Bottles & Twinkle Lights=Romantic Atmosphere}

{Wine Bottle Chandelier}
♥ These beautiful wine bottle inspired décor ideas must be why I love wine so much!
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