Pure Purpose


This is an exciting week for P&C because I have so many wonderful things that I want to share & I am overwhelmed by all the inspirational treasures these past few weeks have uncovered, so don’t mind the extra amount of posts & hopefully you enjoy them but don’t get used to it either because I can’t burn the candle on both ends for much longer 😉
Anyways, if there is one thing I am seriously passionate about (aside from peonies, cupcakes, strong & pungent cheese, my husband etc.) it’s women entrepreneurs who follow their dreams by pursuing life projects that inspire, motivate & excite!  Branding yourself through your passions is the greatest form of beautiful talent & success, especially for women, who we all know are so creative, motivated and passionate with everything they do!
This post is inspired by a work colleague, who recently started a new online, eco-friendly shopping experience called Pure Purpose & I wanted to share her passion with you:                                                                                                          “We at Pure Purpose are committed to bringing you Eco friendly, recycled, natural, handmade, and fair trade products all sourced from North America whenever possible, but preferably from Canada. Our internet site currently offers a variety of Eco friendly products, but we are always trying to expand our product line so that we can offer you a selection of goods that you will love and can be proud to use.”
Some of the amazing products you’ll find are soaps, bath salts, bath bombs, soy candles & these luscious bubble bath cupcakes, which I have tested out & proudly promote.  You simply drop them under running water & soak in all the luxuriously delicious scents blended with cocoa butter.
{Cherry, Black Raspberry Vanilla, & Lemon Bubble Bath Cupcakes – Simply blissful!}

P&C TIP: Wedding season is in full swing & these would be perfect bridal shower favors!  You can wrap them with cellophane & tie a pretty bow that matches the theme of your shower- beautiful!
{Image: Pinterest}


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