A New Week Means A New Start

I hope you had a restful & beautiful late spring weekend!
Unfortunately, my weekend was sleepless & stressful (Ugh!) but things can always be worse & you have to look on the bright side (as my wonderful mother always preaches to me ;)).  Thankfully, I have my P&C blog, which I adore because it’s my little piece of heaven, my safe haven, my slice of sanity when things go awry.  As you may know (if you are an avid reader),  I love surrounding myself with beautiful people & things that inspire & drive me to be passionate and this blog is the perfect catalyst for bringing all of those things together.
So here we are with a new week upon us, where hopefully the sun will shine bright, peonies will continue to bloom & cupcakes will continue to be frosted in decadent & pillowy buttercream (I could totally use one right about now ;)).  A new start!
As always, I am hoping amidst all the craziness of a new week, we can all still find our little piece of heaven in each day & especially on a Monday when taking on a new week seems so daunting.  I’m ready for new recipes and new food experiences that will bring on applause and gastric fawning, more farmer’s market adventures that will inevitably take all my stress away, more moments of repose to bring out passions, more summer fashion inspiration to get us excited about a new season & simply more opportunities to do what we love to do the most, whatever that may be!
♥ Happy Monday!
{Peonies & Roses at Whole Foods}
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One Response to A New Week Means A New Start

  1. Ms. J. says:

    Speaking of new recipes, I am looking forward to see what you can do with your Ritz Carlton recipe book. Come on, Pinks. I think it’s about time you showed those boys at the Ritz how it’s really done! 😉

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