Plus Size Models Grace the Cover of Vogue Italia

Did you know that in the modeling world a size 6 is considered “plus-size”?  Insanity!  I personally think putting a label on a size is unfair & I think curves on women are simply stunning 😉  As women, we battle body image so often & for no other reason than the fact that society has such a distorted image of what’s really & truly beautiful.  So let Vogue give everyone a lesson!
In my very passionate opinion, I think women are privileged & fabulous but the best thing about being a sexy & beautiful woman is fierce confidence & owning what you got, no matter what your size.  That’s why I am so in love with Vogue Italia’s latest issue, which is celebrating fabulously voluptuous “plus-size” women & proving that “bigger” is definitely better & absolutely beautiful!
Needless to say, Vogue’s recent racy & ultra provocative spread is raising eyebrows but as a result it’s also bringing forward much deserved attention to the beauty & undeniable sex appeal of “plus-size” women everywhere – love that!
♥ Bottom line: If Vogue says plus size is beautiful, plus size is beautiful. Period.

{Images: Vogue}
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One Response to Plus Size Models Grace the Cover of Vogue Italia

  1. Ms. J. says:

    How refreshing to see women with a little meat on their bones gracing the cover of a fashion magazine for a change.

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