Summer Lemon Chicken & French Chardonnay

Happy Sunday Morning!
This weekend has definitely been bittersweet.  Long awaited plans to go to a beautiful summer wedding were cancelled & my stunning sequin-encrusted cocktail dress still hangs beautifully in the garment bag until the next big event, I guess! Luckily for me, quality time with my handsome husband & my darling, four-legged love of my life was the perfect dose of bliss this weekend!  Finding the little moments of excitement amidst a stressful 3 weeks has made everything well worth it!
Last night, after a much deserved manicure & pedicure, I was in the mood to cook a fantastic meal!  Summer lemon chicken steeped in fresh herbs & lemon juice, wild mushroom risotto & French Chardonnay – a gourmand’s dream!
The lemon chicken recipe is a Barefoot Contessa (love her!) recipe & since I adore lemons & herbs & in honour of the new summer season, I thought it would be the perfect dish to accompany my mushroom risotto + it gave me the perfect excuse to indulge in a classically beautiful glass of French Chardonnay!

 Lemon Chicken Breast Recipe {Serves 4}
Although my heart is truly faithful to a luscious bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, in the summer months I adore a beautiful & crisp white wine, which can be such a lovely accompaniment to the perfect summer meal, especially if you’re dining alfresco.  Tonight’s choice was an easy one for me:  French Chardonnay from Burgundy {Louis Jadot Bourgogne Chardonnay found in the Vintages Essentials section at the LCBO}, which matched so beautifully with last night’s entrée of lemon chicken & mushroom risotto – it was the perfect pairing!
{Louis Jadot Bourgogne Chardonnay}
Chardonnay originated from the Burgundy region of France but now is widely available wherever wine is produced. I have only recently started to get into it but from my experiences thus far Chardonnay from France & California are the top contenders for me!
P&C TIPS:  Do not over chill your Chardonnay because you want to be able to taste the beauty of the wine and not mask it.  Half an hour in the wine cooler/fridge is perfect! 
Chardonnay from France tends to be less sweet than the California varieties (due to the differences in soil) so if you are craving a sweeter Chardonnay, definitely opt for a bottle from California!
Hey, while you are at it & if you happen to be making risotto while drinking your glass of wine, make sure you pour in a splash or two of the Chardonnay into the risotto – perfection!
Risotto is always a beautiful dish to serve guests but the lemon chicken recipe is absolutely a perfect meal to entertain with & can be prepared ahead of time! It’s elegant & impressive! Enjoy!
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