Summer Hair Therapy!

{Love the Natural Wave Look!}
Lately, I’ve been trying to avoid the blow dryer & the hair straightener as much as possible & instead embrace my natural curls/waves & just let my hair take a breather from all the damage & abuse!  Let me tell you that for someone who is hair product obsessed {I have thick curly hair that I often straighten}, it’s actually possible to do & a blessing in disguise since humidity is everywhere anyways.
As the days of summer slowly dwindle, my challenge to you is to let your hair go natural, at least a few days a week {even if it’s only on the weekends}.  Condition it really well, gloss it with a lavish coating of Moroccan Oil & just let it be by embracing its natural & fabulous beauty!  I intend to do just this on my upcoming vacation – deep condition my hair & leave the conditioner in as I bask out in the Mediterranean sun while my hair gets pampered {see Quick Tip below}!  Can’t wait!

{Deep Conditioner Quick Tip}
{Avoid Over Styling}
♥ Have a beautiful & damage free hair day!
{Images: 1 People ; 2-3 The Beauty Department}
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