Friday Fashion Inspiration: Barcelona

♥ Happy Friday!
My love for Europe is undeniable and although the food & wine experiences always win me over, I really love getting excited over the charming culture & unique lifestyle trends that the Europeans imbue.
During my recent trip, I definitely noticed that the fashion in Europe was very free-spirited with chic yet casual flair!  Barcelona especially proved that their fashion sense is not at all fussy but rather simple with neutral palettes, trendy color blocking designs and a lot of structured silhouettes in very wearable fabrics & therefore truly tailored to modern-day fashionistas, who want comfort but who also definitely crave pretty style!
One popular trend I definitely noticed was the Harem Pants {I call them Aladdin pants 😉 see image 3 below!).  I wasn’t a fan but everyone was wearing them & I guess I can see the appeal since they must be comfortable & kind of inspire a bohemian chic look.  In my opinion, they just aren’t very flattering but if you want to consider pulling them off, I seriously recommend that you match them with a great pair of high stilettos to give glamorous length to your overall look 😉

♥ What’s your opinion on the Harem Pants trend?  Would you wear them?
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One Response to Friday Fashion Inspiration: Barcelona

  1. Shelly says:

    I think I would wear them, very comfy looking.

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