My Saturday Night: Chianti & Häagen-Dazs!

I hope you are having a positively beautiful & relaxing weekend so far!
All I know is that I am still feeling jet lagged & can’t seem to get back to a normal routine as of yet 😦  However, today was wonderful & a step in the right direction towards getting back to “my reality”!  A beautiful visit with my wonderful family over creamy lattés & sweet muffins was the perfect start to my Saturday morning, along with an overly excited visit to the new Canadian J.Crew store in Yorkdale {how fabulous!} & an even more ecstatic visit to the new Whole Foods {I skipped through the parking lot :)}, which conveniently opened up across the street from me {heavenly!}.  Let’s just say that luckily I had a lot of amazing things to come back to after my Mediterranean dream vacation, otherwise I may not have 😉
After such a long week, a Saturday night at home with a perfect bottle of Chianti {Pèppoli Chianti Classico 2009 we bought in Florence}, a perfect bowl of creamy pasta {homemade organic pasta from the Valentini Farm we visited in Tuscania} & a sinfully indulgent bowl of Häagen-Dazs in my new, gorgeous Sia Home Fashion bowls from Santorini {my newest kitchen obsession – I eat everything out of them ;)} is exactly what I was craving for my Saturday night.
♥ As the last days of summer approach {fall is almost here!}, I truly hope the rest of your weekend is fabulous & filled with all the things you love!

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