The Four Seasons & Glam TIFF Events Recap {Part 1}

Well, first let me say that I have an obsession with fancy, luxury hotels & absolutely love staying in them whenever I get a chance!  I’ve stayed at some pretty amazing hotels over the years {Beverly Hills Hilton, The Drake Hotel in Chicago, The Royal York in Toronto, just to name a few} & I look forward to adding to the list 😉 My husband will tell you that he’s never seen someone get so excited over luxury linens & gourmet breakfast fare like I do!
The Four Seasons is a luxury hotel at its finest & right in the heart of Yorkville {the new Four Seasons Hotel & Private Residences Toronto are currently being built}.  I have to say, old world glamour styled hotels like the Four Seasons, always impress me with their fabulous exquisiteness!  I think I’ll try hitting up the new Ritz-Carlton next {I met the Sales Manager for the Ritz & he personally took care of George Clooney {so handsome & debonair!} while he stayed at their hotel. Apparently, one night he picked up the bar tab for everyone – what a gentleman;)} 
All the TIFF events were an amazing experience & thank you to my beautiful mother, who was lucky to get us tickets & spoil me over the last two days!
Thursday Night @ Avenue Lounge {Four Seasons} & @ Corus Entertainment {GLAM Event 2011}

{Lobby @ The Four Seasons}

{View from our Room {The tall building in the back is the new Four Seasons} & Avenue Lounge}

{Avenue Bar & Lounge}

{Popcorn & a Glass of Michael Sullberg Cabernet Sauvignon @ Avenue Lounge {amazing wine!}}
{Corus Entertainment – A Perfect Venue for Corporate Events}

{I Loved the Duck Confit Cupcakes!}
{Smoked Salmon Pancakes with Wine & Mini Cupcakes for Dessert!}

{The Gaga Themed Cocktail Party was Complete with a Lady Gaga Impersonator – She Was Really Great!}
♥ Have a beautiful Saturday night!  Part 2 to Follow!
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