The Four Seasons & Glam TIFF Events Recap {Part 2}

Happy Sunday! As promised, here’s part 2!
Experiencing the TIFF Premiere this past week was so unbelievably amazing!  Rebecca Hall {leading actress} was so gracious & elegant in her Yves St. Laurent jumpsuit & the director, Nick Murphy, was so touched that his film got chosen by TIFF & that he finally made it in Canada {a magical place that he always dreamed of coming to when he was young – sweet story!}. “The Awakening” was a sophisticated psychological thriller about a unique & fascinating ghost story & I usually don’t enjoy thrillers but the entire experience was so entertaining & definitely made you jump out of your seat!
Following the premiere was the Gala Dinner & we all know my absolute love affair with Italian cuisine, so when I found out that the newly opened Aria restaurant was hosting the Gala Dinner, I was beyond ecstatic!  If you didn’t know, the owners of Aria also own Noce {Fine Italian Dining in Queen St West Area}.  I spoke to the owner’s daughter throughout the evening and she described the cuisine at Aria as more refined and modernized whereas Noce’s menu is much more rustic & traditional.  If you love Italian cuisine, I honestly don’t think you can go wrong with either!

Friday Night @ South of Temperance, TIFF Premiere for “The Awakening” @ Roy Thomson Hall & GLAM 2011 Gala Dinner @ Aria Restaurant

{Pre-Gala Reception @ South of Temperance: Canapés & Champagne}
{Roy Thomson Hall}

{Inside the Roy Thomson Hall Watching the Red Carpet Live}
{The Beautiful Aria Restaurant Located at Maple Leaf Square}

{An Italian Opera Singer Serenading Us Before Dinner & Homemade Bread}

{GLAM 2011 Gala Dinner Menu}

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