Friday Love!

Yes, Friday is here again & yes, I could not be lusting for the weekend anymore than I am right now. I need a break from my fast paced, overly exhausting workweek, which was filled with more dinner dates, study sessions, meetings, latté runs, and wine drinking than a girl in 4 inch stilettos could possibly handle! I need a spa day 😉
Today’s post is all about giving you a dose of a little bit of this and a little bit of that. My days are always filled with adventures, where I often look to find hidden inspiration. Sometimes the inspiration is glaring right at me & sometimes I need to dig a bit deeper to really find fabulousness!
Anyways, here are a few things this week that dazzled me, made me a little awe-struck, soothed my soul {i.e. that would be anything food related ;)) and simply inspired!

{Sugar Fondant Cherries}
These dainty & glittery confections were served atop desserts at the bash Loblaws hosted to introduce their new “black label” gourmet product line {coming in October}. These are such a pretty & fancy detail that takes your dessert to a whole new level of culinary creativity & glamour {it’s all about the details!}
{Blinging Pumpkins}
Made2Style is a new blog with beautiful ideas for DIY projects & I’ve just become a new subscriber because I know I’ll find a lot of inspiration in future posts – can’t wait! These Blinging Pumpkins are the perfect autumn centerpiece – gorgeous!
{Black Cod Fish Tacos with Lime and Coconut}
I made these lovely fish tacos for dinner Monday night & they were phenomenal!  The cod smothered in coconut milk, lime & garlic was sinfully amazing & I honestly just wanted to eat it without anything else because it was that flavorful {BTW I love anything with coconut!}. I topped the tacos off with a gourmet salsa from Whole Foods & wrapped them with whole wheat tortillas & I was in heaven!
{iPhone Photos suck :(}

{Grilled Chicken and Baked Brie Ciabatta at Earl’s}
I had a lunch meeting with a dear friend of mine at Earl’s & this is always my go to sandwich every single time I go there! The combination of flavors is exquisite & it takes a boring chicken sandwich to a whole new gourmet level when you add the brie, roasted apples and fig jam! Really outstanding!
{Janeva Bootie}
If love were a bootie, this would be it! The newest collection of booties from Coach are so lust worthy & fabulous! I am definitely having a moment right now with the new Janeva Bootie 😉
♥ Have a beautiful weekend!
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