Take Me Away: Perfectly Packed Checklist

As you know, I am frantically trying to pack & get organized for my 3 week adventure in Victoria {I am going out there for my Masters program}! This is definitely the longest I’ve ever been away from home at one time, so I am overwhelmed over what to bring – honestly, what is a girl to do? In the midst of my packing meltdown this week, I came across this amazing checklist that outlines all the essential items a woman needs to have when she’s venturing off for time away & this is saving my sanity right now {a definite survival checklist for those of us who have one too many pencil skirts, clutches & bangles that we can’t part without for more than a week!}.
Ladies, make copies of this checklist & make sure to bring it with you, so you’re never unsure with what you need or what you may have left behind 😉 All I know, is that I need to make sure that I leave enough room in my luggage to bring back some fabulous goodies!
This checklist was too good not to share!

{Perfectly Packed- The Essential Checklist}

{Image & Link Compliments Of: Daily Cup of Couture; This is Glamorous}
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One Response to Take Me Away: Perfectly Packed Checklist

  1. Shelly says:

    Great ideas!

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