Happy Weekend!

Exhale! I can’t believe week two of this richly fulfilling experience is already over! It’s been an exhilarating & arduous week of lectures, readings & study sessions & I am so happy the weekend is finally here, so that I can recharge!
It’s my last weekend in Victoria & I have an overambitious schedule of immersing myself in more inspirational articles & study dates, taking one last stroll through the boutiques in Victoria with a creamy latté in hand while seeking out pretty feather earrings, indulging in a decadent dinner downtown with fabulous food & wine, a luxurious spa pampering session at Sante Spa {Bear Mountain Resort} and lastly, somewhere in between preparing for my last exciting week in BC!
♥ Wishing You & Yours a Glamorous Filled Weekend!
{Runway: Chanel Spring 2012}
{Image Compliments Of: Haute Design}
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One Response to Happy Weekend!

  1. Dila says:

    Enjoy your weekend in beautiful Victoria. Love,Mom

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