Au Revoir, Victoria!

My adventure in Victoria is officially over & I am jetting back to Toronto! It’s been a whirlwind of beautiful & exciting events over the past few days, including a breathtaking hike through Hatley Park, a drive down Ocean boulevard along Esquimalt Lagoon, to see the stunning swans floating on the beach front, an unbelievably amazing Italian dinner downtown at Il Terrazzo {love! love! love!}, a successful & rewarding final presentation, and a sweet farewell banquet at Olympic View Golf Club. Leaving this 3 week, fascinating & enlightening academic experience behind is truly bittersweet!
♥ Take me away back to reality…
{Au Revoir!}
P.S. A few memorable pics…

{The best MAPC team! Celebrating after our presentation with a glass of wine!}

{Professor Mary-Anne Neal & I at the farewell banquet! Truly, the happiest Professor I have ever met!}

{Elaine & I taking it all in one last time!}

{Elaine & I with Professor David Black! He was an absolute Genius!}
and finally, the peacock feather wreath from RRU that I just had to have! Hopefully, it survives in my suitcase 😉 {So pretty!}

{Image Compliments Of: This is Glamorous}
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