The Art Of Multitasking

♥ Happy Thursday!
This picture sums up what my week has been like so far! Trying to juggle a full-time job while doing a Master’s program and balancing all my other responsibilities and passions is increasingly getting harder to master! I am definitely one of those people who doesn’t like to give up the things I love because I just don’t have the time {obviously I do have to give into this sometimes because I need to sleep at some point ;)}. Although, I have definitely not perfected the true essence of multitasking, I do think I have a handle on getting most of my overambitious agenda/to do list successfully fulfilled {Tip: Being organized is key, but looking after your wellbeing will get you further!}
♥ Here are some tips I live by to achieve my goals & tackle my laundry list of tasks:
Schedule everything & write it down {workouts/shopping/appointments etc.} – I love lists! ♥ Always get at least 8 hours of sleep {I am not productive when I am cranky, but feel like superwoman when I am rested & energized!} ♥ Reserve Sunday afternoons for meal planning/prepping for the week ahead ♥ Schedule regular beauty appointments all in one day, so you buy yourself extra time to accomplish other things ♥ Get regular massages because they help release toxins & alleviate stress ♥ Make time for the valuable people in your life because they can be great sources of motivation/inspiration ♥ Never give up & always stay passionate!
{Think Fast Beauty Routine}
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