P&C Christmas Wish List 2011 {Part 1}

♥ Happy Friday!
{I promise I’ve been an angel all year!}
♥ This year at P&C we are starting a new holiday tradition: The Annual P&C Christmas Wish List!
Here’s P&C’s list of the most lust-worthy gifts to give or get this holiday season! This list includes things I love that I have received myself & that I wish for you to have because they are that fabulous and gifts that I am secretly {not anymore!} coveting & hope will find their way to my Christmas stocking this year {I think a pair of Christian Louboutins would fit perfectly into my stocking ;)}
P&C TIP: Always bring your hostess a lovely & thoughtful gift—it’s the least you can do for someone who takes the time to prepare a holiday meal or host a festive cocktail soirée!
Nars: Skin Mud Mask

{Love this product—my skin feels amazing & completely pampered after I use it!}
Michael KorsiPad Envelope Cover & Rose Gold Baguette Benzel Watch

{This can easily double as a classy & professional clutch or organizer for your V.I.P meetings. As for this stunning watch, I am having a love affair right now with Rose Gold—so glam!}
Williams-Sonoma: Olio Santo Olive Oil

{This is Liquid Gold! My hubby & I adore dipping olive bread into a plate drizzled with Olio Santo + a swirl of aged balsamic vinegar & sea salt—a perfect appetizer!}
Bath & Body Works Candles: Twisted Peppermint
{One of my favorite candle scents to have during the holidays! I buy a few every year to last through the Christmas season!}
Fabulous WineCakebread Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon {Splurge} & J.Lohr Carol’s Vineyard {Steal}


{J.Lohr is one of my favorite & Cakebread Cellars is definitely on my wish list ;)}
**Part 2 Coming Soon!**
{Image 1 Compliments Of: We Heart It}
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2 Responses to P&C Christmas Wish List 2011 {Part 1}

  1. Ms. J. says:

    That watch is so you 🙂 I think you’re going to need a bigger stocking…

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