Recipe Inspiration: St. Lawrence Market & Mario Batali’s Linguine with Clams

This weekend my hubby & I took an early morning trip to St. Lawrence Market {my happy place!}. Saturdays at the market is a fabulously decadent feast for the senses not to be missed! There are so many food lovers taking in the beauty of the market and like me, finding recipe inspiration & new exciting gourmet fare to try!
One must-have item on my list was fresh clams because I was in the mood to recreate the Linguine with Clams that I had in Capri, which my husband adores! Along with my other amazing market purchases {10 year vintage cheddar, homemade cannelloni, French Brie, organic baby arugula, lemons, apple pie, smoked salmon, marinated Greek olives & a Madeleine baking tray} I got 1 lb of fresh pasta clams {10-12 clams per person is just right} perfect for my Sunday dinner!
{My happy place!}

For inspiration, I turned to the fabulous Mario Batali, who is absolutely amazing for recreating authentic & magical {I think they’re magical ;)} Italian dishes. Below is the video I followed to recreate my Italian feast & it couldn’t be any easier to make & positively perfect for entertaining your family over the holidays. I completed the meal with a great glass of Chianti & an arugula salad with lemon juice & zest, EVOO and S&P —a little piece of heaven!
P&C TIP: My extra touch to this dish was adding toasted seasoned breadcrumbs as a garnish that adds a bit more luxuriousness to the flavour experience!

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