Holiday Workout Inspiration: Tracy Anderson

Hello, lovely readers! I hope you had a fabulous weekend filled with holiday shopping, baking and other beautiful festivities that this time of year brings! I love Christmas!
We all know, ’tis the season to indulge in all the glorious food and wine offerings. So, who can really blame anyone for adding a few extra pounds, when homemade cookies and mom’s fabulous Christmas Eve dinner are at the top of our sinfully decadent holiday menu {I’m all for it!}. The best thing to do when you know indulging is on your agenda, is to exercise a little bit more {take the stairs, go for a power walk during the lunch hour etc.}, so come January 1, 2012 you still feel fabulous {it’s all about how you feel and less about how you look!}.

{Tracy Anderson Looking Gorgeous and Fit}
Here’s a quick power workout clip from fitness guru Tracy Anderson to get you motivated. As you may know, I am a Tracy Anderson fan and love her philosophy and approach to working out. Lucky for us, Tracy Anderson is offering 15% store discount, where you can buy her famous fitness DVDs, through Tuesday 12/13 until midnight! {You’re guaranteed to get ballerina arms, if you invest in her DVDs ;)}
♥ Have a beautiful night!

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