P&C’s Holiday Etiquette Inspiration {Part 2}

P&C’s Tips for Fabulous Holiday Etiquette
*Always be a gracious host/hostess and make your guests feel extra special, as soon as they walk through the door—pamper your guests with your goddess-inspired entertaining grace and flair.
*Play the part of a glamorously chic holiday hostess by getting all dressed up in a fabulous holiday inspired outfit {i.e. a black sequins cocktail dress complemented with glam red lips or glittery eyes}.
*Never underestimate the power of candles and pretty holiday décor {I love mistletoes and glittery ornaments)—it sets the mood and shows that you went that extra step to make your party a smashing success!
*If you are having guests that are staying over, cater to their needs and prepare a “care package” with all the things they might need or enjoy—it’s always the little details that make the biggest impact.
*Lastly, remember that taste is undeniably personal, whether the focus is on food, wine or entertaining style. But, even the most fabulously discerning host/hostess needs to discover new ways to create a personal statement that reflects their unique style. Try something different (a new appetizer, a signature drink or new holiday décor) this holiday season to make a lasting impression!
Happy Holidays!
{Image Compliments Of: The Cinderella Project}
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