My 2011 Holiday Menu

Merry Eve of Christmas Eve!

{Sequins, Glamour and Glitz for the Holiday Season!}
I hope your holiday festivities leading up to this weekend have been magical, dazzling and filled with stunning holiday cocktails and decadently divine treats. I hope your mistletoes have been put to good use, your tree is glistening with tinsel, your stockings are overflowing with luxury gifts and your home smells like warm baked cookies, cranberries and cinnamon. Lastly, may all your new and old traditions continue to create beautiful memories, to carry forward for many more, happy holiday seasons!
This year, I am helping my beautiful mother to cook/hostess Christmas Eve dinner {my mother is the queen of creating a beautiful table filled with wonderful food to soothe your soul}. My mom is cooking some of the dishes and then I am cooking the rest at my place and then bringing them over; my menu is pretty ambitious, but luckily I thrive on baking/cooking food for my loved ones, because food is love and this is especially true during the holiday season!
Here’s My 2011 Holiday Menu:
*Brie En Croûte with Cranberry, Pecan and Port Compote {I can’t wait for this!}
*Roasted Turkey with Herb Butter {This is the first year that I am doing a turkey on my own!}
*Turkey Gravy Infused with Red Wine {You know I had to incorporate wine somewhere ;)}
*Focaccia Stuffing {I am cheating by using La Brea Bakery Stuffing Mix from Williams-Sonoma, but I should get brownie points for the effort ;)}
*Balsamic Braised Brussels with Pancetta
*Dulce De Leche Cheesecake {I am using the Dulce de Leche from Williams-Sonoma}
Looking at this menu right now is actually making me a bit anxious. What did I sign myself up for? 😉 I’ll try my best to post some of the recipes as I make them, but in the meantime: LOVE, EAT, & BE MERRY!

{Images Compliments of: This is Glamorous}
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