Happy New Year!

It’s officially 2012 and a new year to dream big, love more, and succeed in all our passions. I hope you all approach this new year with so much excitement, ambition and desire to make all your dreams come true. I am not big on resolutions, because I really do try to do/be the best I can all year round, but I know it’s hard not to want more, do more and be more when a new year is upon us. My only true wishes for 2012 are for health, love and happiness and nothing more. I think it’s pointless to say that we all should treat ourselves better or with more self-respect {exercise, eat well, be kind etc.} in a new year, because that should always be true. In saying all this, I sincerely vow to dream, love and live passionately in 2012 and I wish the same for all of you!
♥ Here’s to a beautiful new year!


{Images Compliments Of: No Shrinking Violet & Pinterest}
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